What Are Our Most Popular 20mm Eyelash Styles?

What Are Our Most Popular 20mm Eyelash Styles?

20MM Mink Eyelashes length – Compared to 25mm Mink Eyelashes, it doesn’t look so dramatic. But compared to the traditional mink length, and more attractive!So Laroche lashes will show you the most popular eyelash styles from 20mm mink lashes,What is the opportunity to open up the lashes market? New 3D Mink Lashes. We will launch a new 20mm Mink Lashes on a regular basis, collect this page and keep an eye on it, you will find surprises!

Our new line of 20MM Mink Lashes has many advantages,And with the new eyelash catalogue.

Handmade Lashes – Made of 100% real Siberian Mink Lashes Wholesale . Vivid glamorous and shiny,soft & smooth, natural curved and lightweight

Wear Lashes Multiple Times – Reusable Up To 20 Times With Proper Care . Easy To Apply

Many Lash Styles For Your Choose-More Than 20Styles

Right length and width-The Mink Eyelashes look soft and natural, Vivid and shiny

Here are three of our best-selling eyelashes,The First—DX02,This eyelash is a little thick, but it will be more natural after wearing it. When you wear it, your eyelashes will flicker like a small fan, which makes your eyes more attractive.20MM Mink Lashes Wholesale

The Second—DX07,The eyelashes are crossed and elongated with a more layered feel.And it makes your eyes bigger, brighter and more divine!And more suitable for daily life!Wholesale 20MM Mink Lashes

The Third—DX26,This lash style,it more layers and more fluffy and vivid and much volume and fuller than other styles.This eyelash after you wear it, your eyes will appear thick, will be more attractive, you are the most fashionable person at the ball, you are the focus!Wholesale Mink Lashes

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