This box packaging is the only choice you have just started to eyelash business!

This Box Packaging Is The Only Choice You Have Just Started To Eyelash Business!

Laroche Lashes is a professional eyelash vendors and eyelash box manufacturer. Laroche Lashes is one of the most experienced printers and box suppliers in China. For your eyelash business to get better and better, Laroche Lashes can provide you with high quality eyelash packaging. It is your only choice to start the eyelash business!

We offer you a tailor-made design that gives you the perfect box. Not only are there high-quality mink lashes and beautiful custom eyelash packaging, so you will get more profit from it, our experienced staff will guide you how to customize the advanced packaging box, our professional designers will provide you with perfection the design of.

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custom eyelash packaging
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This holographic glitter packaging is our latest model. many customer are very like it , We have a variety of colors to satisfy your needs. Laroche Lashes box delivery Only three days from the date of order, the minimum order quantity is only 30pcs, which is the only choice for you to start the eyelash business! When you are completely satisfied with our design, we will start producing your box and will deliver the box to your doorstep in the shortest turnaround time!

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eyelash box manufacturer
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