The Most Popular 25MM New Eyelash Styles In 2020

The Most Popular 25MM New Eyelash Styles In 2020

2020 has come, are you still wondering exactly what kind of eyelash style is the most popular, the most fashionable, what kind of eyelash style can help you attract more customers in 2020, help your eyelash business grow better, and make your eyelash business more successful???

Hello dear, have your problem solved? If you have the above question, you come to us! 🙌Laroche Lashes is a professional manufacturer of Mink Eyelash Vendors, we constantly learn, embrace change, constantly innovate, take the customer’s idea as the goal, take the customer to achieve success as the demand, let more customers realize their own entrepreneurial dream as the mission, so we create DY series of new 25mm Lashes.

The new 25 mm eyelashes in this series are similar to our DL series eyelashes styles, but we have improved a lot more in quality. 👍👍The new DY series eyelashes are softer and more fluffy than the DL series eyelashes, which will make you feel more comfortable and give you a better sense of experience. I believe you will love it when you see it! And we have more eyelash styles in this series, below you can look at the new 25 mm eyelash catalogue, looking for your favorite styles! !😍😍

DY Mink Lashes

If you are very confused, you can’t pick out what style of eyelashes you really like, and you also don’ t know what the popular style doesn’t matter, we are a professional manufacturer of Mink Lash Vendors and We have a professional designer team,they can design many new styles. Due to many years of our experience, we have become familiar with the trend of the market, understand people’s favorite style of eyelashes. So come to us and place an order and you won’t lose faith in the success of your eyelash business because you’ re unhappy about choosing the right style.

In a responsible attitude to customers, we strictly control the manufacturing and production process of eyelashes, ensure the use of the best quality production materials, guarantee to provide the best quality and most comfortable eyelashes. Our eyelashes are comfortable and soft to wear and can be reused 20-25 times if used properly! !

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