The difference between wearing eyelashes and not wearing eyelashes

                                                                                             Do you want to make your face thinner?
Although the regularity of star beauty dresses is now copied and pasted, there are always some “heart” stars who can find their own point of increasing face value quickly. Sweet candy recently got a super-retouched face-lifting face. Not only can the chin look sharp, but it can also easily adjust the proportion of facial features. Well, the most important thing is to wear eyelashes. The double benefit can be said to be very suitable for lazy girls. Girls who eat too much at dinner can learn it.Thinner faces are relatively long thicknesses, but don’t be too exaggerated to rely on a properly elongated bold shape to create a sense of exquisiteness filled with British beauty curves. Wearing a three-dimensional mane lashes plays a role in adjusting the proportion of facial features, so the eyelashes wearing the three-dimensional bristles also look full. At the same time, the elongated eyebrows can also create the effect of the seeds visually, so thin face is also a good choice.


If you want to send a fat side, then you are not afraid, after all, we are three-dimensional face-lifting gods! However, please remember to draw a three-dimensional face-lifting face when weakening the makeup on other parts of the face. If the eye makeup is not too thick, the lip makeup should try to avoid the lip gloss lip gloss effect to highlight the three-dimensional mane lash effect and reduce it. Overall makeup time.