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Star Demonstration: Select Silk Lashes Manufacturer according to the type of eyes

Hard Ultrathin Lilly Lashes Magnetic Lash with Two Magnets
Hard Ultrathin Silk Lashes Manufacturer Magnetic Lash with Two Magnets

Everyone’s eyes are not stereotyped, thus the makeup choices will be different. Today through five celebrities as a template, we will show five kinds of classic eye-type Silk Lashes Manufacturer choice strategy.If you want to have bright eyes, it should be paid attention.

Actress Representative: Elizabeth Olsen

The girls who owned Europe and the United States version of the deep double eyelid will take advantages in the make up, choosing the root of the transparent Silk Lashes Manufacturer of false makeup is the most motivated, 100% Tie Silk Lashes Manufacturer is master of disguise. In addition, the best choice when bonding transparent glue, eyelashes close to stick their roots.

Actress Representative: Felicity Jones

Laughing woman is always the most beautiful, so congratulation to you to have the most beautiful crescent-shaped eye! Fallen eyelashes cross-shaped design is the best partner of laughing female. Thick eyelashes can increase the sense of charming, cross-letting eyes look radiant, so how are you laughing are charming

Actress Representative: Olivia Olsen

Do you think too small eyes are too innocent and want to change their eye type? Then pick up a curling Silk Lashes Manufacturer for your eyes and make your eyes look streamlined. Today, the big eyes’ pursuit is natural type, short and Alice false eyelashes can try it.

Actress Representative: Alexandra Daddario

Dan Feng eyes are very eye-catching with Chinese characteristics, choose to strengthen the middle of the style can strengthen the look, adjust the slightly pick the eye type. Natural Silk Lashes Manufacturer are to create a good partner of the individual school, it do not easily droop even if suddenly flashed his eyes .

Actress Representative: Lyndsy Fonseca

There is no doubt that false eyelashes is definitely a super-gospel for single-fold MM ! After the single eyelid eye type sticky false eyelashes,it does not expose the existence of false eyelashes even if the frequent blinking, because the root is completely covered by the upper eyelid. Choose a long curly enough false eyelashes, the more warped more powerful.

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