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Swollen Eye Girl Can Wear a Natural Big With Manufacturer Lashes

 new 100% handmade real mink fur false eyelash 3D strip mink lashes thick fake faux eyelashes
new 100% handmade real mink fur false eyelash 3D strip mink lashes thick fake faux eyelashes

manufacturer Lashes are an essential item to effectively magnify and brighten your eyes. In order to solve the confusion makeup novice,editor will teach you how to easily wear a factory Lashes, then you quickly have a natural charming big eyes.

In order to make the factory Lashes look more natural, before you need to carefully draw eye makeup. Eyes are easy to blooming, then it is best to use a special eye makeup primer, point powder loose makeup after makeup.

The use of factory Lashes is a natural type without cross, and strive to create a natural effect. Gently bend both ends of the pinch in accordance with the degree of suitable eyelid curve.

Russian Volume Lashes eye lashes false eyelashes
factory Lashes eye lashes false eyelashes

Put the factory Lashes on the eyes, , Cut off the excess part according to the size of their own eyes gestures.

This time, eyebrow scissors will be useful.

Apply the special glue for the false eyelashes on it. Glue the size of the brush should be able to facilitate the amount of uniform smear as the standard.

Use tweezers to hold the center of the factory Lashes, gently apply the eyelashes to the hairline, and then gently tidy up the eye-ends

Tip 1: Triad Cut Factory Lashes

Novice lashing manufacturer Lashes may be difficult to stick all of a sudden, you can cut the factory Lashes into three parts try.

Tip 2: Starting From The End Of Eye Stickers

The cut manufacturer Lashes in accordance with the end of the eye – in the eye – the order of the eye stickers, even if not accustomed to paste MM can easily be done.

Gently press the eyelashes on the eyelids with tweezers to secure them. In this way, factory Lashes do not fall easily.

Essentials: Eye And Eye Tail Must Be Closely Fit

If the factory Lashes and lashes can not fit their own words, it seems not to feel natural. At this time you can use the electric eyelash curler to gently push up from under the eyelashes, so that they fit better

manufacturer Lashes with glue may form an unexpected feeling, so use liquid eyeliner and then decorate it. This factory Lashes will look more natural

Perfect combination of eyelashes and eye makeup painted before, the natural enlargement of the whole eye. Listless listless swollen eyes disappeared, full electric eyes so that the gas field doubled! Moment from swollen eyes instantly become electric eye queen.

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