How To Wash Mink Eyelashes Below The Circumstance That Does Not Damage Hair?

How To Wash Mink Eyelashes Below The Circumstance That Does Not Damage Hair?

Many people are racking their brains on how to clean eyelashes, so how exactly to clean 25mm Mink Lashes? For some girls who use mink eyelashes every day, used to throw away, is really a waste, is really a pity, so how can we use the mink eyelashes clean, and use again?

Laroche lashes as a great professional manufacturer of high quality mink lashes,custom packaging boxes,custom glues and custom tweezers vendors.And we are the best 3d Mink Eyelash Vendors,We have to teach you how to wash your mink eyelashes, maximize the use of your mink eyelashes, and how to make it work for you many times!

1. Start with a clean piece of cotton or paper towel and place your used eyelashes carefully on top of the cotton or paper towel. Take a cotton swab, coat with eye and lip makeup remover, then apply to the root of the false eyelashes.

2. Apply some strength with a cotton swab, but do not use too much force, you should know that if the force is too much even if the quality of good eyelashes will let you to damage accidentally. Then you can pull down some of the residual glue.

3.If there is a stubborn glue can not come down, you can use your fingers to pull off gently. Mink eyelash stem is very fragile, but we are a professional Eyelash Vendors, you do not have to worry about our eyelashes will be deformed after washing. But when you wash your eyelashes, be sure to do it gently. Turn it over and apply it again, one at a time, along with the false eyelashes.

4. Keep pulling the stick back and forth until there is no color to pull down and no stickiness on the stem. Then gently press the clean part of the cotton pad and wipe it clean. Glue cleaning not only affects the use of false eyelashes again, more likely to induce eye diseases become potential personal safety hazards, can not be ignored!

5. Leave the treated eyelashes to dry slightly on a clean sheet of cotton. Finally will clean up the false eyelash to save for the next use.

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