How to start your own eyelash business ?

How to start your own eyelash business ?

Honey, Are you thinking about starting your own eyelash business? Are you also facing the following problems? If I am a newcomer, how do I start my own eyelash business? What kind of eyelashes should I choose for the first time? What kind of eyelash vendors should I choose? How to choose good mink lash vendors? How many pairs of eyelashes should I start my mink lash business with? How can I make money in my first eyelash business?……If you have the same problems, you can come to contact me. Because laroche lashes has many customers from different areas, with our help, they all start their own eyelash business successfully , so I wonder I can help you solve your problems and create your own brand of eyelash business.


  1. laroche lashes can advise you choose a good eyelash vendors wholesale, because the good lash vendors will not only tell you a lot of good lash business experience and skills, but will also provide you with high quality products. And then how to find a good eyelash vendor? What are the criteria for the finding a good eyelash vendor?At first, the good lash vendors should have own professional factory, because this way can help you reduce the cost of products; Second, the good lash vendors should have many rich eyelash expreience more than many years. Because they have many methods to help you solve your professional question.

    25mm mink lash
  2. If I have a few budget, can I start my lash business? Yes, you can. And then how many pairs of eyelashes should I start my mink lash business with? If you have a few budget, you can buy 10 total pairs of best-selling lashes style; If you have a little more budget, you can buy 10 pairs of each popular style. It doesn’t matter if you have a big budget or a small budget, you can get started if you want to.

    lash packaging
    lash packaging
  3. Clothes make the man, nor lashes by packaging. So When you choose the popular lashes well, then you can choose the eyelash packaging box for your lashes. Because this beautiful eyelash packaging can make your lashes looks like more perfect. So that your customers can love your lashes very much, and this way can help you earn much money.
  4. If I want to print the logo on my box, but I haven’t my specific logo, what should I do? Oh, honey, don’t worry this. Laroche lashes can custom eyelash packaging , and has a professional designer team to help you design the specific logo for you. This way you can have custom eyelash packaging usa.

    customed packaging box
  5. And you have to put your products on social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube……And you must keep your social updates up to date. Because this way can help you make your products known to more customers and this will bring you more customers.
  6. Finally, you have to focus on the customer being god, you have to have good sale service and after-sales service. And you have to solve problems for your customers. Because it will make you customers trust you and help you build a good relationship with your customers.



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