How to start your eyelash business

How to start your eyelash business

The problem with mink eyelashes wholesale customers is that the quality of large quantities of goods and samples is seriously unstable. Sample for customers, the quality of bulk goods is uneven. The delivery time is unstable, and the delivery time guaranteed to the customers is publicized by the customers. The customers will lose their customers if they fail to deliver on time.

Without renewal capability, customers always lag behind in their perception of style and lose a lot of opportunities to make money in the market. If you don’t update your customers’styles in time, once new products appear in the market, your customers will soon be lost to other new products’ customers. There is no innovative style for low-quality products. They will only lower the quality and lower the price.


Dear customers, can you understand? There are deviations between consumers and middlemen. The concept of middleman can not keep up with the concept of consumers because of the high level of consumers

When consumers say that prices are high, middlemen really think that there is a price problem. In fact, consumers are willing to do something better.

Eyelashes, especially eyelashes, have such a serious problem, consumers and intermediaries deviate from the concept.

Only when we achieve good quality, can we get the trust of consumers, get better feedback from customers, and make our eyelash business a good foundation, there will be a steady stream of high-quality customers.