How to start eyelash business

How to start eyelash business

We can provide you with such a business environment, we can do the following:

First of all, we have high quality mink lashes, hundreds of styles are available for you to choose. You can take some eyelashes create your own eyelash brand. These can be used more than 25 times, comfortable to wear, beautiful and fashionable, and its price is very low. this eyelash can only bring a good feeling to your fans, instead of any hurt your reputation


dh006 25mm mink lashes



DN09 22MM Mink Lahses


Secondly, we can provide you with complete OEM services, from logo production, packaging, shipping, you only need one email, we can help you get everything, these can save you a lot of money.

DM06 20MM mink lashes



DN02 22 mm mink strip lashes