How To Get The Most Out Of Your Mink Lash Glue?

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Mink Lash Glue?

Have you ever had such an experience? In order to pursue beautiful 3D Mink Eyelashes, apply mascara to mink eyelashes, and everything is perfectly placed in the right place. You’ve just been walking around the street for a while, and you see yourself in the mirror. Oh, OMG!!there’s glue shining on your eyelids, one corner of your eyelashes is up and the other side is down.Choosing a good glue is the key, you should know 《What are the problems once your customer reacts to the glue?》

Unique Design Eyelash Packaging Box

Unique Design Eyelash Packaging Box

When this happens, You think maybe you didn’t choose your eyelashes well,You start to think 《How To Choose The First Pair Of Appropriate Mink Eyelashes Correctly?》It must be particularly broken, so this time you need to consider a question: how to make the best use of your glue to avoid this problem? The following let me this professional Mink Eyelash Vendor to tell you!

1.Don’t Paint Too Many

Our goal is to apply mascara so that our eyelashes can stick. But applying too much can damage your make-up, especially when the glue is transparent and shiny. So, when applying glue, remember to apply a little more on both ends of eyelashes, and just a thin line for others!

Clear Eyeliner Glue Pen With Logo

Clear Eyeliner Glue Pen With Logo

2.Don’t Stick Your Eyelashes Immediately

When you finish applying the glue, do you habitually put your eyelashes on your eyes immediately, because at this time you seem to have lost patience and want to finish the makeup, go out for a date immediately, haha But remember, don’t worry, wait 5 seconds for the glue to become a little bit sticky, and then stick the eyelashes to the eyes!Custom Eyelash Glues With Logo

Custom Eyelash Glues With Logo

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