How To Distinguish The True And False Of Mink Eyelashes

How To Distinguish The True And False Of Mink Eyelashes?

Laroche Lashes has received a lot of feedback from customers: they want to start their own eyelash business, but they don’t know how to choose mink eyelashes, how to distinguish the truth of mink eyelashes!Indeed, eyes are a sensitive and important part for us, so Laroche Lashes as a professional Eyelash Vendors with decades of experience, is here to answer your doubts.

1.Ironing mink with hot water is easy to distort,Fibrous hairs do not easily deform.

2.Burn,Mink hair has the smell of burning hair and is kneaded into powder by hand after burning,the fiber has the taste of burning plastic.

3.The mink hair is made into a single dense row without the uniformity of the fibers.

4.Use a microscope to see if the wooly scale mink has any wooly scale fibers.

We are a professional vendors of mink eyelashes, we only provide high-quality mink eyelashes, so you don’t have to worry about the uncomfortable feeling of wearing our eyelashes.However, good mink eyelashes are reflected in the following aspects:

1. Selection of raw materials

Are mink lashes meant to kill small animals for their fur and then make them into mink lashes to wear on our eyes?Here I say: not really!Just because we’re doing real mink eyelashes doesn’t mean we’re going to kill animals and destroy lives!Our mink eyelashes are made from natural hair that falls off of mink animals.So the eyelashes we produce are real mink hair and will not harm any small animals!

2.Quality of eyelashes

We are a professional manufacturer of Mink Eyelash Vendors. We only produce high-quality mink eyelashes.Our lashes are 100% Siberian pure mink lashes, and 100% handmade, wear 24 hours a day will not be deformed, wash with eyelash cleaner after the eyelash dry will return to the original look, and our eyelashes can be reused 25-30 times!!👍👍👍

3. Eyelash comfort

Everyone knows that the eyes are important to us as human beings, and false eyelashes are the soul of the makeup, so we are helping people to pursue beauty while also helping people to pursue the high quality and comfort of eyelashes.We have been producing mink eyelashes according to the needs of our customers. Every new eyelash we produce, we will invite our fans to try it on. When they feel comfortable, they can start mass production.So you don’t have to worry about eyelashes making your eyes uncomfortable.

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