How Is Mink Eyelash Cleanness And Maintain?

How Is Mink Eyelash Cleanness And Maintain?

Recently a lot of customers are consulting mink eyelash cleanness and maintenance problem, for example: stuck false eyelash, after discharge makeup, there is still a lot of glue on false eyelash, want a little bit to tear off with the hand, take time to do again not clean, how should do clean maintain, what shortcut should have to wait a moment. In view of this phenomenon, we are the most responsible and professional Mink Lash Vendors of mink eyelashes to carefully answer your questions.

In fact, false eyelashes have gradually become an indispensable part of women’s makeup. But for false eyelash cleaning and maintenance, many girls are helpless. Good false eyelash is general cannot touch water, but after used once or twice, if did not clean thoroughly, can lose original appearance. But larochelashes AS Best Mink Lash Vendors assures you that our mink lashes won’t deform after they’ve been cleaned.

Today we will teach you to clean and maintain mink eyelashes, and will not let it out of shape! In cleaning mink eyelash respect, if you have special discharge makeup water or discharge makeup fluid the discharge makeup is very convenient. Discharge makeup water; Pour it on the cotton pad. Please rub it out slowly at the glue place. Clean with a cotton swab. Discharge makeup milk; To a point on the cotton pad to close the eyes apply to make the discharge milk and glue fusion and then gently wipe ok.

25mm Mink Lashes maintains respect, although false eyelash is fine and delicate, very flimsy however. Therefore, use with special care. When taking out from the box, do not pinch its edge hard pull, want to follow the direction of eyelash, take out gently with the finger; When from eyelid unplug, should hold the right middle of false eyelash? Whisk “pull down at a draught, the action is simply sharp, avoid by all means pulling two or three hair to pull down. Used false eyelashes to thoroughly remove the glue above, neatly into the box. Be careful not to stick to false eyelash to wait on eyelash of eye shadow pink, eyelash oil, can get dirty otherwise, destroy mink eyelash.

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