Guide customers how to judge

As long as you are interested and conscious of eyelashes, you can guide customers how to judge

We are glad that we can help you. 3D mink eyelashes are graded. Before you decide to buy, you must distinguish the product grade and buy the product. If you want to know the price, click on this page. (This page makes pictures and price comparisons of high-grade and low-grade products to stimulate customers.) High-end eyelashes are relatively expensive and can be reused for 2 times. 0-25 times, comfortable to wear, no pressure. The cost of each wear is low. Low and middle-end eyelashes are inexpensive, can not be reused, take on unnatural, each time the cost of wearing is much higher, serious blinking makes you unwilling to do things.

Click here for MINK LASHES of different grades. High-end eyelashes are elegant and natural.

Low end eyelash, weedy feeling, hard hair, eye liner hard, long placed time, easy to break, raw material treatment is easy to break in the later stage, no Maojian.

So we have to choose the best and the most competitive price.

Then our products are just right for you, because our quality is very high, of course, our price is very cheap relative to the quality, our cost-effective ratio is very high, different grades of products are different prices.