Features Of Eyelash Vendors That Can Help You Make Money

Features Of Eyelash Vendors That Can Help You Make Money

Laroche Lashes has more than 12 years of experience in the wholesale Mink Eyelashes, we have high production efficiency and sufficient stock!!!👍👍👍Laroche lashes is a professional high quality Mink lash Wholesale, our lashes are 100% handmade and 100% siberian mink hair. And every procedure of our eyelashes are very strict!!!!!

We have many eyelash styles , It includes 16mm mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes, 3D Mink Lashes 22mm mink lashes and 25mm Mink Lashes.If you are looking for more eyelash styles, come to contact me is the best choice.Our lashes is of superior quality, and can be reused 25-30 times!!!!!!

Eyelashes are of high quality and well stocked

We are the world renowned Best 3d Mink Lash Vendors, we have our own factory, we have hundreds of experienced, skilled workers, we can guarantee the quality of products and timely delivery. Moreover, after each production, our eyelashes will pass the strict inspection by the quality inspection department, and we will only deliver the products to the customer after the inspection is qualified.

Because we have our own factory, when you need to order a large number of eyelashes, you no longer need to worry about not receiving your goods within your delivery date, this is impossible! Larochelashes would like to assure you that we will deliver on time on the basis of quality assurance.

Keep innovating and updating the catalog

Our goal is to provide high-end, healthy, fashionable and wearable eyelashes to our global customers. Therefore, we constantly develop new styles to meet the various needs of customers. We have a professional design team, always maintain the forefront of eyelash fashion. So if you are looking for a very fashionable wholesale eyelash supplier, larochelashes mink eyelash supplier is what you are looking for.

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