Design the private lable for customer

The customer is God.

We are a true supplier of mink eyelashes, Laroche Lashes pure handmade 3D mink eyelashes, natural raw materials, high-tech hairtip processing, carefully selected workers, Laroche Lashes 3D eyelashes is a kind of advanced lifestyle, is a kind of art, we want is a boutique, Not exactly the same product!
We have our own design team. We can design the private labels you want according to the needs of our customers


When you agree that your Mink Lashes Vendors thinks the eyelash business is stable and wants to buy in bulk, your Mink Eyelash Vendor cannot deliver on time, the delivery time is delayed, and the eyelash length is uneven when delivering, and some hair has the problem of obvious extrusion deformation. You sell these lashes to your clients, and when your clients open the crushed, deformed lashes, they are devastated and vow never to buy anything from you again. Your clients don’t trust you anymore, and you’re sad.But your Lash Vendors won’t give you a refund.

I suggest that you first choose a stable supply of high quality professional Wholesale Eyelash Vendors, so that can ensure the long-term stability of supply you give your customers, you don’t have to worry about not to the date of delivery for bulk purchase order of trouble, and it is able to timely launch new eyelash styles to help you better able to attract more customers to buy your eyelashes.