Can explosive new coronavirus affect the development of eyelash business?

Can explosive new coronavirus affect the development of eyelash business?

As the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic accelerates around the world, more than 15,000 new cases of coronary heart disease have been reported worldwide as of 20 a.m. Edt on March 14.Are you worried about the same thing?“Will products ordered from China be brought into the country by Courier?”“Will the products we ordered from China be delivered on time?”“Will Courier fees increase during an outbreak despite being able to deliver goods on time?”…Laroche Lashes as a professional manufacturer of Mink Eyelash Vendors and Custom Eyelash Packaging VendorsI will answer your questions about these questions below.

1. Is It Safe To Receive Letters Or Parcels From China?

Yes, it’s safe.On January 29, local time, the world health organization held a press conference at its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.Tan and senior who officials spoke highly of China’s efforts to effectively prevent and control the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus (nv), and their courage and responsibility.

Tan said the Chinese government had taken extraordinary measures to prevent the export of cases, “for which China deserves our gratitude and respect.”So the world health organization issued a statement: the world health organization (WHO) recently issued a statement: goods sent from China to foreign countries will not carry the virus.Because we know from previous analyses that coronavirus cannot survive long on objects such as letters or packages.

2. Will The Eyelashes Ordered From China Be Delivered On Time?

The Chinese people unite as one, total war outbreak, new confirmed on the decline day after day after day, now the new coronavirus in China has been completely controlled, along with the gradually return to work and production as well as in many parts of the country “China and the world health organization (who), the relevant countries and our country Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions to maintain close communication, timely reporting information, the first time to share new coronavirus gene sequences.

Therefore, any eyelash order ordered from China can be delivered safely and effectively. Besides, our factory conducts disinfection twice a day and arranges staff to work overtime to produce orders for our customers, because we are a professional manufacturer of Wholesale Mink Lashes.All the fans who love eyelashes do not have to worry any more. The eyelashes you ordered can be delivered safely and on time. Come and order the eyelashes you want!😍😍

3.Will Fedex Increase Costs Due To The Outbreak?

The answer is no.In order to provide customers with stable and high-quality express service, fedex has been continuously arranging and operating inbound and outbound flights to and from China under local conditions and regulations.Prior to arranging the shipment, fedex will have the package sterilized by a professional in protective clothing and then arrange the shipment, and the special plane will be sterilized accordingly, so you don’t have to worry that you won’t be able to order the eyelashes you want from your eyelash supplier because of the outbreak..

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