Be Sure To Buy Acrylic Eyelash Packaging Boxes From Us 2

Be Sure To Buy Acrylic Eyelash Packaging Boxes From Us 2

Many of our regular customers feedback to us that now their eyelash business is very successful, so they want to update their Eyelash Packaging Boxes to attract more customers and get more money, so they ask us if we can Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes for them to choose from. And they want eyelash curlers that are not only beautiful and luxurious but also functional! Yesterday to you introduced the appearance of Acrylic Eyelash Packaging Box, today to introduce their functions!

1. High Quality And Solid Material

Acrylic, chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate. Is an important plasticity polymer material developed earlier, with good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy to dye, easy to process, beautiful appearance, hardness directly affects whether the Custom Lash Packaging Box will shrink and bend deformation, whether the surface will be cracked when printing LOGO. Hardness is one of the hard indicators to evaluate the quality of Custom Acrylic Eyelash Box Packaging.Wholesale Eyelash Packaging Boxes With Logo

Wholesale Acrylic Eyelash Packaging Boxes 

2. Clear Transparency

Acrylic Eyelash Packaging Boxes its transparent and transmittance is like glass general, have crystalline transparency, transmittance is in 92% above, the light is soft, the vision is clear, the yakeli that USES dye-dyed has very good spread color effect again. So when you put your eyelashes in the Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging, you don’t need to open the eyelash box to see the look of the eyelashes in the box. It’s just like the look of luxury in the window! Show the most luxurious side of eyelash to your client!SunFlowers Eyelash Packaging Boxes Wholesale

SunFlowers Eyelash Packaging Boxes Wholesale

3.Adapt To Any Logo

Acrylic wear resistance and aluminum close, good stability, corrosion resistance of a variety of chemicals, and has good printability and spraying, the use of appropriate printing and spraying process, can give acrylic products ideal surface decoration effect. So you can choose any logo you want to be printed on the surface of the Private Label Acrylic Eyelash Boxes without worrying about damaging the box at all!Eyelash Packaging Boxes Wholesale

Eyelash Packaging Boxes Wholesale

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