Answers To A Few Questions You’d Like To Know About Eyelash Business

Answers To Few Questions You’d Like To Know About Eyelash Business


Q1:Do you have a minimum amount for eyelashes?

“The minimum order quantities of lashes is 10 total pairs, and you can mix all the lash styles you want.The minimum order quantities of Eyelash Packaging Boxes is 30pcs with your private logo.”

Q2:When I buy in bulk, can I buy samples first?(I don’t want to spend too much money on eyelashes at the beginning)

“Yes,my dear.Before you buy in bulk, you can check our quality by purchasing our Mink Eyelash samples. After ensuring that our quality meets your requirements, you can buy in bulk.”

Q3:As I buy more, will the price be lower?

“Dear, please rest assured that after you check our quality, when you buy in bulk, we will apply for the best wholesale price for you, so you don’t have to worry that you won’t make any profit from it😍😍”

Q4:Do you will provide free eyelashes, boxes, glue, tweezers… ?

“Dear,we are professional manufacturer of high quality Mink Lash Vendors and custom eyelash packaging boxes ,we don’t do low quality low price.Because of the high production cost, we do not provide free samples. I hope you understand.❤❤”

Q5:Can you put my company’s brand name on the box? (I don’t have a special logo)

“Dear,if you don’t have your own logo,it doesn’t matter,you only tell us your brand name,we have a professional designer team and can design logo for you for FREE.Our designers will design until you are satisfied.Will make the eyelash packaging box with your brand name appear more beautiful and special.”

Q6:If I place an order now, how many days will my order be delivered?

”Dear,If you purchase eyelashes, we can deliver them to you immediately,we use fast shipping only 3-5 workdays that you will receive them.If you buy  box with your brand name on it, we need to produce it for you and then ship it.Produce time is 3-5 workdays and then we will arrange to ship to you.”

Q7:What terms of payment do you accept?

“Dear,we accept Paypal、Alibaba、Credit card、 Debit card、Westernunion and Moneygram,You can choose the payment method that suits you to pay.”

Q8:I don’t have enough money to pay for my order right now, but I really want to keep my order,What should I do?

“Dear, I think you should pay a deposit of 30$ first, because this can keep your order and this way I can inform the factory to place an order with you don’t worry.”

Q9:Can I see the design on the box before I pay it?

“Honey,You can pay a deposit and we have a team of professional designers to design logo for you free of charge and let you check after receiving your deposit payment,And you can pay balance after you agree to the design and we will start to produce them.”

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