16MM Mink Lashes Catalog

16MM Mink Lashes Catalog

 Laroche Lashes is of high quality mink lashes vendor, wholesale mink lashes, real mink lashes manufacturer with 1000 hot fashionable style mink eyelashes. We have a lot in stock. Give you enough choices. We keep large stock for most luxury  mink lashes with fast delivery from China  mink eyelashes vendors.

This is our best-selling 3D mink lashes, this 16mm mink lashes are very natural and comfortable, making you feel like your own lashes.The 3D mink lashes can make your eyes look more bright and more beautiful,To bring you the comfort and charm of life.Laroche Lashes’ 16mm lash styles are very popular with many American customers, because this style is very natural.These medium-sized natural mink eyelashes can help you attract more customers to purchase, this way can bring you a big profit.

16mm Mink Lashes Style
16mm Mink Lashes Style

16mm Mink Lashes Style
16 MM Mink Lashes Style


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